About Polaris Quartet

In May 2003, these four clowns formed a “pick-up” quartet called
Half-Ton Pickup” in order to enter an Ottawa quartet competition just for the fun of it.  After hearing the natural blend of their voices and then winning the competition (see photo), they knew they had to stay together and, as a result, the quartet Polaris was officially formed. 
Ever since then, Polaris has been very busy entertaining folks in the Ottawa area and has performed for, and continues to support, many local community groups and charitable organizations.  They have also been entertaining crowds at barbershop chapter shows throughout Eastern Ontario, Montreal, Western Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New York State.
With smooth vocal stylings and their own brand of humour, Polaris has become a shining example of fun and fellowship in the barbershop world. 
All members of the quartet are either active or alumni members of Ottawa's Capital City Chorus.

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