• Regarding Ottawa Hospital Stuttering Treament Clinic
  • Please pass along my hearty thanks to the rest of the members of Polaris. I had so many wonderful comments from the audience - you guys are really fantastic. I so appreciate Polaris coming out to support our clinic yet again. I am still a fundraising newbie but although our audience was small I think they made up for it with their enthusiasm as everyone was really enjoying your special blend of talent and humour.
    ... Thanks again so much!
    - Kara Beck, S-LP, Reg. CASLPO, Speech-Language Pathologist, Coordinator Stuttering Treatment Clinic


  • Regarding Millstream Chorus - Bedford/Sackville Chapter Show
  • Exceeding expectations is something many promise and a very few produce. However, with Polaris, the Millstream Chorus and the audience were absolutely jolted with the high energy, talent, humor and fellowship of these fine gentlemen. Whether it is a soft, romantic ballad, or a zany parody of a well known tune, these guys are phenomenal. They are welcome to return to Nova Scotia and sing with The Millstream Chorus any time, anywhere. We love ?em!!
    - Bill Brown, President, Bedford/Sackville Chapter, Nova Scotia, Barbershop Harmony Society


  • Regarding Ottawa University Health Sciences Awards
  • Polaris was terrific and inspiring! Their harmonies take you to this special place where you do not want to ever leave. They entertained us royally at our Annual Awards Ceremony. They have also been regular supporters of the ?Harmonize For Speech? program and to our Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa. We feel honored to be amongst their supporters and we would like to say Thanks!?
    - Sylvie Cyr, Faculty of Health Sciences, Ottawa University


  • Regarding Nepean Northern Stars Chorus Annual Shows
  • I can't say enough about Polaris! For the past 3 years, this quartet has demonstrated a "magic" touch with their sense of timing, whimsy, and overall harmony of voice. That is why they will always be at the top of my list when we are considering guest quartets for our year-end chapter shows/concerts. If any quartet is guaranteed to work with our chorus, it is Polaris. They always leave the audience asking for more!
    - Stuart MacMartin, President, Northern Stars Chorus, Nepean


  • Regarding Opening Day - Ottawa Lynx Stadium
  • Polaris was GREAT! They have performed at our last two season openers and have been a huge hit! Their rendition of the National Anthems brings an "old-style" feel to the ballgame which Ottawa Lynx fans absolutely love. I look forward to bringing them back to perform at many more games and look forward to their rendition of "Take Me Out To The Ballgame"!
    - Angie Lynch, Game Day & Event Operations Manager, Ottawa Lynx Baseball Club


  • Regarding GTEC Gala Awards Dinner
  • Polaris was FANTASTIC! The crowd at the last two annual Goverment Technology (GTEC) Gala Awards of Distinction ceremonies loved these guys. I would certainly recommend this quartet to anyone looking for some fine a cappella entertainment!
    - Guy Thibault, FESTIVEX Special Events, Gatineau, Quebec


  • Regarding Surprise Birthday for Sheila
  • Sheila and I want to thank Shaun, Paul, Rod, and Mike for the wonderful start to Sheila's 50th birthday celebration! Polaris was both elegant and entertaining! We appreciated your punctuality and the care you had obviously taken in preparing yourselves for the early morning hour(Sheila is partial to men in tuxedos)!
    Please feel free to use us a reference and again our sincere gratitude for a job very professionally done!
    All the best!
    - Karl Ruban, Ottawa, Ontario


  • Regarding Canton Goldenaires Chorus Chapter Show
  • We were very happy with Polaris's performance on our recent annual show. They are a great crowd pleaser with their comedy and great singing. Their afterglow package was also super! And they are four great guys with wonderful senses of humor and a ton of barbershop experience. We highly recommend them!
    - Stan Smith, Show Chairman, Canton Goldenaires Chapter, New York, Seneca Land District


  • Regarding Singing Valentines 2006
  • i just wanted to say that the Quartet Polaris was AMAZING!... They brought tears to my mother's eyes for Valentines Day, and I think they are great. I think for next year, you guys should raise the prices...!! All the best!
    - Rubina, Ottawa, Ontario


  • Regarding Polaris Quartet in General
  • Polaris is one of the brightest stars on the barbershop horizon -- perhaps the most entertaining quartet I've heard in years. Good singing, good humour, and good friends to boot.
    If you want your audience to leave with a smile, look no further than Polaris.
    - Tony Bove, Artistic Director, Northern Stars Chorus

    These guys are the top - a melody by Strauss, a Shakespeare sonnet, Mickey Mouse, and anything else me and Cole Porter can think of. They'll reach out and grab you by the whatevers, make you laugh, make you cry, and God bless them, they're always ready to pitch in for a worthy cause. For me, they epitomize what barbershopping is all about.
    - Brian McGurrin, Baritone, Chair, "Harmonize For Speech", Capital City Chorus, Ottawa, Ontario

    I had known the guys for a little while, and had no doubt as to their huge ability and great character. Both are exceptional. This was no truer brought forth than in an incident in a restaurant in Bedford, Nova Scotia with me one evening. The waitress was a bit snooty, and not in top form. On leaving the restaurant, Shaun turned around, grabbed the guys, and went back inside. He told the waitress that she was just too nice a girl to be having such a bad day going... She needed a song! The boys sang her a wonderful love ballad as she watched in awe. It was too much to bear, and the troubles of her day fell in on her, as she burst out crying - and giving the guys a huge hug at the end. Her day had just become a whole lot better! ...THIS is Polaris !!
    - Tom McCarron, Millstream Chorus, Halifax, Nova Scotia


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